Cold Box was born in 1981 with the goal of producing sandwich panels in reinforced resin with fiberglass (G.R.P.) insulated with polyurethane foam sheet, addressed to the food plants market.
From 1981 to day we have manufactured thousands of sandwich panels and now we are an important and dynamic reality in the field of reinforced plastic materials where we propose different products for more and more uses. 
The company is situated on an area of about 9.000 sq.m. of which nearly 4.500 are covered. Manpower consists of an average 20 people for a yearly production of about 25.000 sq.m of panels

Fibers, foams, resins and gel-coat, different products, a lot of solutions, a lot of experience

The new offices in Gattatico (RE), close to Highway nbr A1.

CN machines guarantee the millimetric precision both for the inserts or the finished piece.

In the years we have implemented the production process with more and more updated and sophisticated technologies. Our insulated panels are made in such a way that they can be employed with an environmental temperature range from -80░C to +130░C, with relative humidity around the 100%; they can be employed outside and are resistant to UV rays and to erosive phenomena caused by rain and wind.
Cold Box is one of the few Company in Europe that uses the technology of resin mould injection under press (RTM); this enables the achievement of a monolithic panel with closed unsplitting backs, completely waterproof and with high mechanical features


Sandwich insulated panels in reinforced resin with fiberglass.(G.R.P.)
Generally speaking it is possible to say that the insulated panel can be applied in all those processes where it is necessary to keep warm or cold temperatures.
For example, in the food industry Cold Box panels are employed in the drying tunnels for the leavening industry, isothermal chambers, deep-freezing tunnels, chambers for air treatment, etc.

Monolithic panel, super reinforced, self-supporting

Panels and containers for "Cold Chain"
For the sector of controlled temperature transports we manufacture a wide range of back and side "doors" for bodies working in the distribution of frozen products, internal "bulkheads" for double temperature or other manufactories. For the distribution of fresh and frozen food products as well as warm ones we manufacture isothermal containers meeting A.T.P. rules and sanitary rules.

Side door for body in frozen food distribution. From the foam processing, to the finished product.

Universal panels
For those sectors always searching for innovative material and solutions such as building, or street and civil furniture, we propose panels with any kind of internal core, with normal reinforcement or self-supporting and super reinforced. The post-hardening phase in oven at +90░C enables the definitive stabilizing of the product, and prevents possible deformations.

Back door for isothermal body. Precision, low weight and mechanical strength.

Laminated and fiberglass plates .
Our composite plates with a thickness range from 2/3 mm. to 15 mm. and more, are employed in the building industry and in the street furniture. 
Airports, indoor stadiums, ice rinks, station platform roofs are some examples. The resins utilized are of several different kinds, depending on the final uses and go from the common polyesters to the self extinguishing ones; with the latter, and after a suitable processing, it's possible the manufacture of products under M1 fire proof class and fumes class F0 .

A wide range of products, for every need. More than 7 meters, x 1,6 as maximum size and no limit for the thickness.

Other products

Cold Box produces fiberglass panels for railway and subway transports, for caravan and trucks. We also produce panels with elaborated resins and post-mould treatments with fireproofs or flame retardant material for use on vessels and civil and military ferry-boats.

Plates with 5 and 8 mm thickness in self-extinguishing resin. Foam plate processing with CN machine. Iron, aluminum, resin, nylon, PVC inserts are fitted with millimetric precision.


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