We Cold Box people have been producing isothermal containers since 1981 and today as then our main target is to solve any problem you might have in the distribution of your products and to avoid any possible interruption of the cold chain.
Cold Line containers enable mixed loads on the same van. Different goods such as meat, fish, milky product, etc. stored in different places and each one preserved at the most suitable temperature

For the quality of your products

Cold Box proposes its transport isothermal units "Cold Line" and "Cocker" as the most suitable means to prevent the interruption of cold cahin and guarantee the quality of your products. The isothermal containers enable safer, wiser and cheaper transportation in the refrigeration industry, and helps the small food industry and craftsmen to carry out their transports accordingly to the more and more severe sanity rules. Preventing the interruption of cold chain it is possible to grant the products quality and protect consumer's rights.

Personalized, economical user-friendly solutions for controlled temperature transports in trading, industry and handicraft.
The container is removable and doesn't change the van body.

... Cold Box is better 

Cold Box container, completely made in fiberglass, consists of six sandwich panels insulated with low density polyurethane foam plates, to have the lowest possible coefficient of thermal loss.
Many factors contributed to our success:
- minimum thermal loss; high strength
- no maintenance; easily repairable;
- chemical proof ;
- meets ATP and sanity rules;

Standard Cold Line has a base of mm. 800x1200 while the height

It can be equipped with fittings for the transport of loose food products, suspended meats, etc, and with one or more grilled stainless steel shelves or antipollution panels

Small and big for any need

The great flexibility of our production enables us to offer a wide range of products that goes from a capacity of 10 Litres up to 2.000 Litres and more. Further to the standard products we have personalized realizations, because we know that all vehicles and productions needs are different and we want a suitable solution for any of them.

 "Cocker" line for the deliveries at home of fresh and frozen products.. Capacities starting from 10 Litres. Reinforced containers used in the distribution of dry ice (temp. -80░C). Capacity lt. 450. Lt. 85 Containers of "Cocker" line for the deliveries of fresh and frozen products to the catering.

... how to keep the cold?

The polyethylene eutectic plates Cool pack we distribute are a practical and economical solution. They are available in different measures and eutectic liquid kinds (from +3░C to -33░C) and are suitable for any kind of container and any temperature to be kept. 
We also manufacture stainless steel plates to meet the needs deriving from non standard radiant surfaces.


... how to make the cold?

In same operative conditions the only instrument to control the temperature is the refrigerating group. The unit we propose is a very compact, light, user-friendly and reliable group. Combined to our highly insulating containers it can reach and maintain negative temperatures down to -20░C. The refrigeration is completely independent and, thank to the double power supply (12 e 220 V), the process is guaranteed both when driving and during the stop by means of mains supply


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